Cleaning Stations

Cleaning stations for robotic welding applications.

When a company considers the possibility of automating a welding application,

it becomes necessary to include a cleaning station for the correct maintenance and operation of the application.

La estación automatiza tres aplicaciones importantes:

– wire cut to restart welding at the proper distance from the workpiece.

– nozzle cleaning through a milling system.

– spraying of anti-spatter fluid to prevent spatter adhesion during the welding cycle.

The cleaning station reduces the replacement of spare parts, since it increases their durability. It also avoids welding failures on the parts to be produced and the unpleasant situation of having to stop a production line for this reason, wasting time and money and, of course, it allows to have measured control of the cleaning cycle times.

In addition, the relative cost of the cleaning station is very low when considering a complete robotic welding installation, making the investment instantly profitable.

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