Services and training

Assembly, installation, parameterisation of parts, training and calibration.


Robotizing welding production offers a combination of efficiency, quality, safety and flexibility that can boost the competitiveness and long-term success of your business.

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We can provide you with effective tools that allow you to provide the knowledge of the environment and the surroundings that help you to achieve the production objectives with the level of quality that you are contractually required.

Production situations are changing, and maybe your manual welding work is always focused on doing the same thing and therefore you are considering improving it, maybe you have started to use a new material or your specialist welding operator has left your company and you need personalised training.

You may be considering robotisation or automation of the process to improve quality, and increase production, or perhaps you cannot find specialist welders in your area.

We can help you throughout the training process, even with the installation of a self-supporting cell delivered in “turnkey” mode, which you can transport wherever you need.

And why not when this happens, you may need to update your knowledge to optimise production or manufacture new parts that may require approval of welding personnel.


We can design a training itinerary tailored to your needs and knowledge, which can be focused on several lines of work.

We can design a training itinerary tailored to your needs and knowledge.

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  • Learn about the operation and performance of our SYNERBOT GPS welding equipment, adapted to your production process to get the most out of your equipment. We will only talk to you about what you need, why spend more time and money on things you are not going to use?
  • Improving production and achieving specific quality standards
  • Training middle management and the production chain in the knowledge of quality environments and certification with training in defectology and welding inspection.
  • Welding engineering and parameterisation adapted to new materials, processes, or contractual requests
  • Preparation of operators and welders to pass welder approval and certification processes, which allow you to make a difference with your competitors.

Certification and homologation

Current quality standards, market competitiveness and a changing production environment force all companies to face the challenge of achieving certified and approved work processes.

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Certified and approved work is based on compliance with specific design codes and on the adaptation of its production process to the specific requirements set by the specific regulations of its production sector.

All this obliges companies to carry out processes of welding procedure homologation, to certify and homologate their welders and welding operators, to modify and implement business actions that allow the necessary international certification that allows business sustainability

We will carry out a complete study of your specific needs, adapting the specific casuistics of your production to the achievement of the requirements set by the reference standards.

We will accompany you throughout the entire necessary process from the initial phase, preparation of tests, audits or inspection days, subsequent laboratory tests and completion of the process with the delivery of the official documentation that endorses the certification process.


All existing quality systems refer to the correct maintenance of equipment to ensure the production and quality assurance of welded processes, together with strict compliance with occupational safety regulations.

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We offer you our services and preventive maintenance contracts for installations, operational maintenance actions, and above all the process of verification and calibration of welding machinery based on a demanding and exhaustive work protocol based on reference standards, which will allow the traceability of the equipment tested by visual control on the equipment itself and documentary certification for its quality control.

We have our own control machinery and perfectly trained personnel to carry out this type of work at your facilities and in our own workshops.